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Carlos A. Carvalho, President and CEO

Carlos is a Licensed Players’ Agent registered with the Canadian Soccer Association and also a FIFA Match Agent licensed by FIFA.

Prof. Gustavo Zayas, Chief Scout

With over 25 of years of experience in the industry at the highest level of coaching, Prof. Gustavo Zayas brings to CTS-SMI a very precious knowledge of the game but more importantly, an eye for talent. Prof. Zayas has coached for over eight years in the J-League of Japan after having already been with the Paraguay National team and rendered his coaching services to the best Clubs in Paraguay.

Prof. Gustavo oversees our scouting department and manages our group of scouts; He is personally involved in each recommendation that CTS-SMI makes to Clubs in order to ensure the highest degree of suitability.


Kevin Antunes, Administration and Scouting

Having grown up in Canada to a European family, Soccer was never very far. As early as 16, Kevin began to write some small Soccer-related articles for the local Portuguese newspapers and by the age of 20 he was anchoring the community television channel with the weekly sportscast. Kevin decided to become an agent in 2006, managing his own player agency for almost seven years before joining the CTS-SMI team for almost three years now.

Kevin is our head of Administration and Scouting for all requests and inquiries that come to us, along with providing continual support to all our clients and associates. Kevin can communicate in five different languages (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish & Italian) which facilitates business with specific areas of the world.

Mr. Antonio Simões, Senior Advisor

Mr. Simões, Portuguese National Team and SL Benfica legend, is a crucial player in CTS-SMI operations. Mr. Simões continues to be the youngest European Cup Champion on record (1962 with SL Benfica). Mr. Simoes also scored a crucial goal for Portugal in the 1966 World Cup, enabling Portugal to finish in third position.

As a coach, Mr. Simões has brought his knowledge to clubs and national teams in North America, Iran and Portugal. He brings all of his experience and “know-how” to us in his tremendous insight and prestige.

Otacilio Lima, Associate, Brazil

Based out of Brazil, Otacilio Lima has become a vital part of CTS-SMI as a main associate in South America for the past six years; former idol and captain of Brazilian giants Corinthians. Otacilio also played in Europe, after having starred for some of the biggest teams in Brazil such as Gremio de Porto Alegre and Esporte Clube da Bahia. “Ota” as he is known, brings to the table a successful career as a player that translates into a profound knowledge and understanding of the game. His “hands on” approach and dedication are some of the things that make Otacilio so important in our every-day work. Having played the game, Otacilio handles very well with players and has a very close relationship with them.

Youssef Chani, Associate, Africa

Our newest member, Youssef is a “connaisseur” of African Football having worked in the press as journalist for Moroccan newspapers and national radio station, Radio Mars. For over a decade he travelled across Africa to cover the African Champions League competitions of Moroccan clubs and also took care of the national league coverage.  A graduate in Management, Youssef has also worked as logistics coordinator in an industrial company based in Casablanca but his connection to Football has always stayed intact. Youssef Chani, our newest associate, has most recently worked as Media Coordinator for the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and has yet again broadened his Football network.

Reza Feyzbakhsh, Associate FIFA Intermediary, Iran

Young, dynamic and knowledgeable, Reza stands out with his forward thinking and is always looking to innovate and bring new ideas to Iranian Football. Reza, an MBA graduate of Sharif University who speaks English, Japanese, Persian and Arabic has translated most of the FIFA regulations, including the “Regulations on Status and Transfer of Players” into Persian and has made them available for Clubs to use.